Sunday, December 30, 2012

Freebie Alert!

      Just a quick post before heading north with family to give my MIL some extra TLC while she is recovering from a fall and broken hip. 
      Here is my latest freebie creation for you all. You guys have got to check out Pink's portion of the blog train "Winter Berry." because it is totally awesome. Wish I could make papers and elements like she does! I just could not get enough of the colors and textures she included in her kit.

Next up is my second freebie creation which I made from Pinks Portion of the kit "Christmas Magic." I liked this kit too, but "Winter Berry" just has so much POP to it...I'm a little partial.

I usually put a link under my goodies to download from 4shared, but today I thought I would spare you all the trouble. So all you have to do is Right Click on the image, and  choose "Save Picture As" and it should download in a PNG file format on your computer. My TOU is the same as always.  If you have any trouble at all, or the Quick page is not 12x12 please let me know and I'll send you another copy via email.

Just a few things I would like to share before I head out.
As some of you know I recently lost my EHD with the last 3 years of treasured memories on it and all my scrapping stuff. Perhaps some of you have had a similar experience and this might be of help to you. I was told by multiple people that my drive was not working and data recovery would start at $250 bucks. Like ouch....I tried a million recovery programs but none worked. Last night I happened on this page:  I downloaded all the trial versions just for the heck of it with little hope they would work...and what  do you know??? They instantly found my files, folders on my EHD, and the last 3 years of my scrapping life in a snap! Yes, in order to get full recovery you do have to buy the program but it's a pittance in comparison to commercial data recovery. I thought this info may be helpful to some who have faced similar losses.

Lastly, I would like to thank R, , Mummy Monster Rosemary, Wingz, and especially Blue Cat for the thoughtful comments you have left me. Reading your comments are some times my only inspiration and they mean so very much to me. Thanks again. :) Stay safe and Happy Scrapping!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Freebie-Festival of Lights

Man, it's been a while!!!! Glad I can fffffinally post again and time for the holidays. I won't bore you all with all the details of my External Hard Drive crash which put my life into a spin or how life just happens and demands your full attention. However, I will share the details of an absolutely beautiful kit that Pink made for the WFE Christmas blog  entitled Festival of Lights. She is such a talented just makes her kits shine. Check out her blog and all the awesome freebies she has posted. Here's a Quick Page Freebie I made for everyone to enjoy. Happy Holidays and Happy Scrapping.
Snag it HERE and HERE

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