Monday, March 11, 2013

New Freebie and New Links

        Just to keep my readers posted on what is happening with my blog, I am moving all my stuff from 4 Shared to Box. Box is automatic with no waiting and you don't need to sign in. So just in case you click on an old link that hasn't been replaced yet with a new link to Box, please be patient, check back and give me a week or so to replace them. If you need the download right away email me at and I'll send you the zip file as soon as I get your request. Make sure you put REQUEST FOR QP in the title line.
       Onto to other nicer things like FREEBIES!!! From your favorite designer and mine....(drumroll please) Pink's Poetic Scraps!!! I made 3 different variations of the same Cluster Element from one of her latest blog trains entitled St. Patties Kiss. The kit is soooo cute make sure you visit her blog to grab it. Since I am knew at BOX, PLEASE let me know if a link doesn't work, so I can fix it right away.Oh yeah, and Happy Scrapping!!! :)
                          You Can Snag It HERE:


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