Tuesday, February 26, 2013

REPOST Freebies

Not sure why these didn't post on my blog like they should have. All the freebies I made for you guys and they never showed up, at least on what I am looking at when I look at my blog! Sniff!!! I keep getting a "Cross Scripting Error" from Internet Explorer so I'm not sure if that the problem or not. Any way I thought I would repost these since the last entry I see is January!!!!! This should have been the first post in Febuary!

Snag HERE:
This should have been my second post for February. It's a Frame cluster I made from Pink's portion of the blog train . Both of these came from Pink's Beautiful work for two Valentimes Day Blog Trains entitled Love Me Tender and My Funny Valentine. If you haven't visited, click on the word Pink's Beautiful Work to visit her blog now and pick them up for free. Sooo sorry if you didn't get these!!!! :(
Also, a long over due Thanks to Designs by NISA for answering my question and showing me how my blog looks to her. Much Help!!!

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